The Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Use Tumblr for Your Business


Business does not have to be all suit and tie. It can be fun, preppy, and, what do you know—even pretty. Sound familiar? If you are big on blogging, one thing has surely popped in your mind just now: tumblr. This social media platform slash blog sharing site is one of the cutest out there, and has been known to appeal to the younger users of the Internet. Even before Instagram became popular, people have been sharing photography on tumblr as well. It has been quite the cesspool of beautiful photos and interesting blogs about all sorts of topics. But use tumblr for business? Is that even sound? Well, we think so. Here are some reasons why and some effective ways to do just that.

Sell a Clothing or Cosmetics Line

Majority of people using tumblr are young, which means they are very much into clothes, make-up, and the like. If you have a business that is inclined to these, go ahead and take advantage of the huge market on tumblr and showcase those pretty designs on there. If something catches on, you’ll have a hundreds of young ladies sharing and re-sharing your photos and blogs, and you’ll have those sales rising in no time.

It can sound quite simple, and indeed it is. However, make sure that you don’t make it look like you’re just as good as the next garage sale. Focus on your edge, be it a unique style or theme, and accentuate it in your tumblr posts. Make people see why it’s different when they buy your product.

Snap a Good Photo and Publish

One of the most shared stuff on tumblr are photos. Take advantage of this and make sure that you have plenty of share-worthy photos on your account. Make sure to pair those up with catchy captions with all the important details, like where to get the product, and more. When you are selling stuff online, words can only go so far in describing them; you need good photos that will make people appreciate the product and be interested enough to want to know more.

In other words, you can use tumblr as your online showroom. Sure, you must have a website where you have all your stuff displayed, but tumblr can be the introduction to the grand showroom. This is where you post your best and lure people to going to your actual website. Believe it or not, it can work like a charm. Your web traffic can be shooting up if you do it right.

Get Good Writers Publish a Review of Your Products

Another thing that sells things really effectively is a good, honest review. This is because there are way too many staged photos and fake reviews out there that when people notice one that’s genuine, they appreciate it a great deal. But how do you get it across that the reviews are 100 percent real?

The only way to make reviews appear real is when they are real. Let people try your products and give them an opportunity to share their experience with the world. Document their experience with beautifully shot photos to reinforce the genuine-ness of the review. This will also give readers a chance to have a glimpse into the reviewer’s experience and make them feel as if it were their own.

Interact with Other Tumblr Users

Want to let it be known that your account exists? Interact with people, share blogs that interest you, make comments, and never let your account go through a plateau where you don’t post anything. Make sure that your presence is always felt. This way, your chances of having new people who are noticing your account for the first time connected with you. Consistency is key, especially considering that there are plenty of other accounts competing with the attention of your target market.

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Create Your LinkedIn Business Page


Connections. If you want to be serious about business, these are something that you do not want to take lightly. The wider your network, the better your chances of growth and expansion. With plenty of ways to keep connections strong nowadays, every professional should capitalize on this advantage and reap the its amazing benefits. Here are just some of the benefits that professionals enjoy by keeping an active and engaging LinkedIn business page.

Why LinkedIn?

But first things first—why LinkedIn? With other seemingly more interesting and engaging social networking platforms available, why choose LinkedIn? Reasons may vary from person to person. But if you want to get our opinion, LinkedIn is the best place to expand your professional network online mainly because it was created specifically for business. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, this is a website that specializes in connecting business owners and professionals. Creating a LinkedIn page will get you right to where you want to be and will connect you with people that have more or less the same motivations as you do for building a professional page.

Expand Your View of Your Profession or Business

Most professionals have to work in an office and interact with about the same people every single day. This is alright, but when it comes to your business perspective, you will eventually realize that it can be a bit of a hindrance and may even encourage small thinking. By connecting with other professionals like yourself, a whole new and bigger professional arena will be opened to you, and with that your perspective of your profession or business will expand as well.

Get Meaningful Insights from the Right People

Connecting with the right people is essential if you want to get the right information and meaningful insights. By communicating with people who have had plenty of experience in their respective areas of expertise, you can be sure that they can share things that you can learn from. This is an easy and fun way to learn about new ideas that you may not have thought of in your own workplace and you might want to try out to get better results. And truth be told, simply sharing things with people who have been in your shoes, who know the challenges and advantages of being in the industry or business you are in can be very comforting at times.

Get Face to Face with Professionals in Your Area

There can be times when meeting face to face with professionals and businesspeople who share the same business experiences that you do. People in the same profession or business can even share interesting ideas that you might find useful or effective. Meeting with other professionals can be very enriching and will keep you from becoming close-minded about what you think should and should not be done in practice.

Make New Employment Easier

Planning to quit your current job? Having a LinkedIn profile might make it easier for you to transition to a new job. Having a LinkedIn profile connects you to other business owners, professionals, and placement officers who might be interested in having you join their team. This is made much easier if you have been communicating quite frequently. If your own contacts will not be able to hire you, chances are that they have connections who might.

Belong to a Community of Professionals

Enjoy a sense of belonging with people that you know will understand the challenges that you experience as well as the rigors of looking for innovative ways to make work better. Bring to mind that nice feeling that you get from being part of a club or getting invited to block parties. Get to have that community feeling and involvement online, just as if you had the community right at your very area. Organize events, get updates

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The State of Content Marketing in 2015 Infographic

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Get Started on Twitter in Less Than 10 Minutes


Want to see how creative you can get? Test your creative prowess with Twitter’s 160-character limit. If you don’t have a Twitter profile yet, you are missing one of the most interesting and fun ways to not only showcase the wittier side to you but also to connect with your friends and the rest of the world. Creating a Twitter profile is a no brainer. But creating one that will gain those followers in the speed of sound of sound is another matter entirely. It’s something that social-savvy people naturally know how to do and don’t usually teach, but we’ll make an exception here anyway.

Choose One Stare-Worthy Picture

You know that one picture of you that, for some unexplainable reason, just makes you exceptionally good-looking? Grab that photo, edit it enough to enhance but not too much so that it becomes obviously filtered and crop it until it highlights your face the best that it possibly can. Sure, people will eventually follow you (and not unfollow you after a few days) for the content on your profile, but they will first have to be captivated by your beautiful face. Once that is accomplished, the rest will follow easily.

Think of a Catchy Phrase to Best Describe Who You Are

No, this does not include “Girl next door” and “#SimplyMe”. I’m pretty sure there are millions of girls next door in the planet, and because you want your profile to stand out, be different. Highlight something about yourself that you are most passionate about. It may be something that plenty of other people are passionate about as well, but then say it with a surprisingly catchy turn of phrase that will make people pause for a while and wonder at how clever you are. Much of your personality—or the personality of the account that you create, if you want one for a brand—will be perceived by people in the way you describe yourself. So make it something.

Decide on a Focus

This is no typical Twitter account. The truth is, unless you are a celebrity or someone among the richest people in the world, nobody will automatically want to follow you. But this does not have to hinder you from gaining those followers as if you were some local celebrity. One good way to do this is to choose what you want to focus on your account. Are you going to feature much about travel? Will you want to share your philosophies in life? Are you going to be that nerdy joker that people just have to keep hearing from? You can decide on the kind of direction your account can take. The more focused you are on a particular theme or subject, the more you will be able to catch the attention of people who are interested in that particular niche.

Let Your Opinions Be Heard

One of the things that can make people interesting is their strong opinions. Most people are afraid that their opinions might hurt others or make others feel uncomfortable. But usually, it is those people who share their stand on particular issues of interest that get to start conversations, are retweeted and favorite a lot, and get more responses. If you don’t say anything, people will naturally not have anything to respond or react to.

Post Beautiful Pictures Regularly

If you want a wide range of people to be able to relate with you, make sure to post well-taken photos (it’s best if you take them yourself) of subjects that interest you and that you think will be appreciated by the kind of people who follow you. Select pictures that you know will generate much response, say something funny, controversial, or just incredibly beautiful. Twitter can be so much about what people say that when people post nice photos they are no less like a breath of fresh air. Well, of course, it will depend on the kind of picture people put out there, but you know what I mean.

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Using Facebook to Crush Your Competitors and Connect with Your Audience


One hundred thirty is the new Facebook magic number. This is the average number of friends each user on Facebook has. When you own a company, one important thing you can do is to spread the word about it through social networks such as Facebook. Businesses depend on people to thrive. The more people know that your business exist, the more profitable it will be for you in the long run. Just with the sheer number of people Facebook is able to reach, it is not hard to understand why it is such as great tool for marketing.

There are several advantages of why it is to your advantage to put your business on this social media mogul. For one thing, when folks try and look for you, they will be able to find you. People who check in when they visit and read and share your posts with their friends are easy to connect to. As a matter of fact this is one way you can have a one-on-one interaction with them easily. When you create a Facebook page for your business, you will be able to frequently reach larger groups of people than you otherwise would. This lest you tailor messages to their interests and needs. On your page, there are also going to be analytics that help you comprehend whether or not your marketing activities are working. Analytics also helps you understand your customers much better. You can even tailor-make your web address to maximize the brand impression you make. Include your new Facebook web address on your business card for added awareness. Here are a few things you can do to effectively use Facebook for your business.

Integrate Your Company with Facebook

There are widgets and other tools that are provided by Facebook for companies to use. At the moment, it is easier than ever to use Facebook for your company since you can share content that has to do with your company right on Facebook. On your website, you can also post a Page Badge allowing users to add fan boxes to their pages on Facebook. These post status updates from Facebook to Twitter. Users can even share their business website content using Facebook Connect. This tool assists friends find Facebook content and click back into your company site, which completes a viral loop.

Promote Fan Pages

Advertisements that tell people about your business encourage interactions with users during the time they are on Facebook. This is an easy way of gaining more fans. For instance, when you want to find out which sports fanatics would like your products, put out an engagement ad that is also an interactive poll to see what their responses are.

Page Insights

Find out who your fans really are using a Facebook tool called Page Insights. These help you find out what posts your fans like most, where they live and who they are. This information can be used to improve communication lines with your potential customers and clients.

Publish on Schedule

Your fans will not want to hear from you every other second. They also don’t really need to hear from you every day. Instead, publish posts on a consistent schedule that is not too often. Breaking news about something that may interest them is a good thing to share.

Voice Consistency

Just as this standards of marketing and journalism involve consistency, so does the sphere of social media. Having a distinct voice is as important as having a tone that is consistent week after week. For instance, think about sporting goods stores. While a formal tone may be great for banks and tax accountant firms, a sporting goods store needs to be more casual and enthusiastic.


Integrate your page on Facebook with the company’s main website e-commerce store. Make sure not to make it so it becomes too complicated, however, since Facebook users are used to the native structure of navigation on Facebook.

Brief Posts Matter

Keep your posts brief as this online technique is important. More and more folks who spend tons of time online tend to scan rather than actually read content. Keeping your posts brief and easy to scan will be to your advantage, business-wise.

Use Interactive Posts

Content that other people are able to interact with will generate more favorable results than other types of posts.

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