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Create your dream life by becoming your Next Level Self

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You have big visions and equally big ambition. You imagine working this fun job, running a business that blows up your phone with payment notifications and happy customer messages, having relationships that make you laugh and feel loved and a body that feels healthy and energized.

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As big as your visions is the resistance you’re facing? You doubt your dreams and yourself. You know what action you should take, but something is holding you back, you strategize for hours, spend days on the little tasks and takes 5x longer to actually achieve your goals...ultimately being frustrated, because you don’t see the progress you know you’re capable of.

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The #1 reason dreams remain only dreams

95% of your actions happen subconsciously.

So, if your subconscious program isn’t aligned with the life you’re trying to doubt, procrastinate, and self-sabotage.

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Create your desired life

with a more effective, science-backed way

BecomingMe coaches and empowers you to

create your desired life by...



(the version of you,
living your desired life)



By aligning your identity and subconscious program with your desired life you believe in yourself, are empowered to show up fully and confidently take big action to create your desired life
– and finally enjoy the journey of becoming and creating.

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Uplevel your subconscious with the Conscious Choice Course.png

Make your subconscious program match the life you want to create in the next 60 days. So you move from doubting yourself, procrastinating and holding back to being empowered, believing in yourself and confidently taking effective action create your desired life.

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Be empowered to understand and overcome what has been holding you back, move out of stuckness and self-doubt and step into your most confident self and stop holding back, playing it small and take big action and effectively create your most successful, exciting life with the help of personalized coaching sessions.

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Create your most fulfilled life by becoming your next level self - the version of you who is living this life. Be guided and empowered to step into this new version of yourself and take aligned effective action to achieve your goals with the help of a self-guided coaching process, effective coaching videos, practical tools and a community of like-minded people.

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Hi you! I’m Katrin.png

Since 15, I’m into self development. But my life shifted when I realized “Who I am being creates my reality”. Suddenly, I quickly achieved the professional and personal goals I’ve been envisioning. So I thought let’s go for the BIG life: New city, new business, new me!


Opposite to my perfect imagination, this didn’t go as smoothly as planned. I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, doubted myself and held back on the big action I know I could take.


I had to learn a lesson: When our subconscious beliefs, emotions and habits are not in alignment with the life we want to live, we keep recreating our current reality over and over again - no matter how much we desire this new life.


It was time for a deep transformation: I shifted my identity, transformed limiting beliefs into new empowering ones, released past traumas, processed my emotions, became more empowered and confident and took aligned effective action to create my dream business and life.


Today I am living my happy life in Barcelona, building the self-coaching app BecomingMe and am a certified life coach with an additional focus in neuroscience, trauma-informed coaching and energy healing.


I am here to passionately support and empower entrepreneurs with big visions and big ambition like YOU to step into their next level self and take aligned effective action to create the impactful business and exciting life they keep imagining.

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Use your workout, errands or lunch to step into your next level self

Learn how you can effectivly step into your next level self to create your biggest life.

Listen to the BecomingMe podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcast and watch it on YouTube to get effective wisdom and practical tips on how you can transform your identity and subconscious program so that you’re confident and passionate about taking action to create your dream life.

I’ll see you in the next Episode!

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At the end of the session I felt much more relieved as I could see that the person I want to become already exists and that there is a way to get there.. just letting behind your limiting thoughts! - Marta

Thank you so much again for everything. It was truly an amazing session and I thank you from all my heart!!❤️❤️❤️

We did a few sessions which were incredibly helpful. She put me at ease and made everything very simplified. She made the process seem very easy and simple which I loved because I get in my head and like to complicate issues. We got to my end result with a lot of clarity, notable action steps that were clear and definitely doable. And after a few sessions I already feel much better about all the things I needed to do. I highly recommend Katrin! - Lara

Katrin gave me some tools that I can use every time I face the same challenging situation. Ever since that session, every time I faced the same situation again I felt the session was really helpful because now I have the tools to use and I feel much more save and able to face that situation. I no longer feel overwhelmed. I feel much more relaxed and empowered to face that situation. The session with Katrin was really really helpful. - Mateo

It helped me to discover something that I didn’t know before: how my thoughts affect everything. I feel like a different person. More committed to my goals. - Basil

Katrin, it was an amazing session, I learned a lot and already started applying your suggestions. Thanks and we are going to do more sessions soon.

It was a game changer for my professional life. Katrin’s personalized approach stood out from the start, she took the time to understand my unique strengths, interests and aspirations. What sets Katrin apart is her genuine empathy and unwavering support. Facing a career transition for me felt extremely daunting, but Katrin managed to provide this save and encouraging space for me to explore my possibilities and overcome these fears and hurdles that I was facing. Her expertise combined with her empathetic approach made every session not only productive but also extremely motivational. Thanks to Katrin I feel now more equipped and confident to pursue and excel in my new career. - Nurjannah

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