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Coaching your employees to step into their next level self so they confidently take big action to achieve their goals

because when your employees grow your business grows

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  • no longer doubt and hold back and instead take initiative, show up fully and take big action because they finally have the confidence to do so

  • stop postponing deadlines and instead take effective action to achieve their goals

  • keep growing personally and professionally and thus bring more ideas and drive to grow your company

  • are happy within themselves and in your company, thereby create a company culture of growth and fulfillment

This sounds like the perfect scenario?
If yes, then...

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Help your employees grow themselves so they help you grow your business....png

by providing your employees with transformational coaching sessions through which they will...

  • identify and overcome what is currently limiting them

  • step into their most empowered self so they have the confidence to show up fully and take big action

  • focus on taking the most effective action steps to achieve their goals

Let me help you save time and money and achieve your business goals faster by coaching you
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Becoming their Next Level Self your Next Level Self

Your employees will be coached and empowered to step into the version of themselves who achieved their goals. Being this new version of themselves helps them to take action with confidence, ease and effectiveness.

Transforming their subconscious program

95% of what we do is determined subconsciously. That’s why we will identify the subconscious beliefs, emotions and habits that are holding your employees back from achieving their goals and replace them with new empowering patterns that help your employees to naturally and easily achieve their goals.

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Taking aligned effective action

When we focus on 100 tasks we feel productive without making progress. The reason we focus on the 100 tasks is because the top 3 feel big and scary - yet those are the ones with which we achieve our goals. Therefore I coach your employees to define the most effective actions and to step into their next level self so they confidently take these big actions and achieve their goals effectively, efficiently and with fun.

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My life changed when I realized “who I am being internally shapes my external reality”. By changing my thoughts and emotions I quickly created the career successes as a business developer I desired. So I thought let’s go for the BIG life: New city & new business!


That’s when real challenge hit. I felt overwhelmed, doubted myself and held back on the action I knew I could take.


I learned a lesson: When our identity and subconscious program aren’t aligned with our goals we can act as much as we want and yet make tiny progress.

So I shifted my identity, transformed limiting into empowering beliefs, released past traumas, processed emotions, became more empowered and confident and took effective action to create my dream business and life.


Today, I am confidently and passionately building the self-coaching app BecomingMe and am coaching entrepreneurs and driven employees as a certified transformational coach with additional training in neuroscience-based coaching, trauma-informed coaching and energy healing.


I am here to share my wisdom and experience and coach and empower your employees to step into their next level self so they confidently take action and achieve their goals, making them feel fulfilled in their career, happy in your company and actively contributing to your company’s growth.

I felt much more relieved as I could see that the person I want to become already exists and there's a way to get there…letting go of my limiting thoughts! - Marta

It was a game changer for my professional life. What sets Katrin apart is her genuine empathy and unwavering support. Her expertise and her empathetic approach made every session productive and extremely motivational. Thanks to Katrin I feel more equipped and confident to pursue and excel in my new career. - Nurjannah

It helped me to discover something that I didn’t know before: how my thoughts affect everything. I feel like a different person. More committed to my goals. - Basil

Katrin put me at ease and made the process seem easy and simple which I loved because I get in my head and complicate issues. We got to my result with clarity and notable action steps that were clear and doable. After a few sessions, I already felt much better about everything I needed to do. I highly recommend Katrin! - Lara

Katrin gave me some tools that I can use every time I face the same challenging situation. Ever since that session, I felt the session was really helpful because now I have the tools to use and I feel much more save and able to face that situation. I no longer feel overwhelmed. I feel much more relaxed and empowered to face that situation. - Mateo

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life coaching

Your employees will be coached to let go of their old identity that’s holding them back and step into a more empowered version of themselves by transforming their subconscious beliefs, emotions and habits.


When we don’t have the energy to achieve our goals we simply won’t. That’s why I’m guiding your employees to process and release emotions that are weighting them down. Furthermore I coach them to become aware of what is draining and energizing them and to create a daily routine that is fulfilling them so they show up with passion and drive in their career to achieve their goals.


Our thought, emotional and behavioural patterns are rooted in the nerve cell connections in our brain. With neuroscience based wisdom and tools I am guiding your employees to identify limiting patterns and effectively transform them into new empowering patterns.


Trauma is when we experienced more than we were able to hold and process in a certain moment. This experience stays stuck in our nervous system and influences how we think, feel and act. With trauma-informed wisdom and tools I’m supporting your employees to process through and move forward from traumatic experiences - being more empowered and confident to create their desired personal and professional successes.

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Weekly 1 hour coaching calls

In these calls your employee will...
step into their next level self
transform limiting into new empowering patterns
define the most effective action steps to achieve their goals
create a strategy and tactics to become their next level self and take this action
work-through and overcome anything holding them back.


Session preparation
& summary

Before each session your employee will get a worksheet to reflect on their progress and set their intention for the session so that they’ll get the most value out of each session.
After the session your employee will get a a summary of the session with key take aways and action steps and tools so they are equipped and ready to implement what we worked on.


Whatsapp support

If your employees have questions or need a little boost to implement what we defined in our session they also enjoy Whatsapp support during the week to empower them to fully become their next level self and confidently take action to achieve their goals.


How will coaching benefit me?

How will coaching benefit me?

In the first step coaching will help you to become more aware. More aware of what business and life will really fulfill you,  more aware of what is currently holding you back, and more aware of what you have to change to turn your visions your reality. The coaching journey with me will help you to identify the subconscious beliefs, emotions and habits that are currently keeping you stuck in the reality you want to leave behind. I will guide you to identify and become your next level self - the version of you who is living the life you want to live by releasing outdated beliefs, emotions and habits and integrating new, more empowering ones long-term into your identity and subconscious program. The more you become this new, more empowered version of yourself the more you show up fully as your authentic self and the easier and more effective taking action becomes to create your dream business and life. I will support you to define a your unique concise strategy with the most effective action steps that will help you to create your envisioned business and life and I will hold you accountable to take the big, bold action you are able to take. I support you week by week to become more your Next level Self, overcome limitations, enhance your strategy and take aligned effective action to create your most successful, impactful business and exciting, fulfilling life.

Is it going to be worth it?

Is it going to be worth it?

I fully understand you! Coaching is an investment and you're smart to think about if it's worth the investment. So let's get clear on what you're going to get out of this investment. 

Firstly you are going to save energy, time and money. Why? Because you don't have to figure it out by yourself, you tap into 15 year self-development, 10 year business and 2 year entrepreneurial wisdom and instead of spending money on generic online wisdom and financing months without income you are being coached to find the entrepreneurial strategies and tools that work for YOU from the start, so you can launch your business quickly.
So what are you gaining? You  will feel empowered to show up as your authentic self and to go all in on the impactful business you are here to create. You will become aware of the subconscious beliefs, emotions and habits that are currently causing you to doubt yourself and hold back on the action you know you could take. You will release these limitations and integrate new, empowering beliefs, emotions and habits into your subconscious program that are supporting you to naturally take effective action to create your envisioned business and life. You will be guided to create your unique action plan, filled with the most effecitve action, that will help you to create your most impactful business and exciting life.

What certifications does Katrin have?

What certifications does Katrin have?

I am a certified life coach and also hold certifications in Reiki (Energy healing), Trauma Informed Coaching and currently complete my training and certification in Neuroscience Focused Coaching. Besides the Coaching Certifications, I have a B.Sc. in Business Administration and a M.Sc. in International Business Development as well as 10 years of business experience and 2 years of entrepreneurial experience

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Send me a message! I'm excited to connect with you and answer any question you may have!❤️

Amazing to connect with you! I will get back to you as soon as possible. I wish you an amazing day!✨

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