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Identify & transform limiting into new empowering beliefs in 60 days

so that you take action with ease, confidence & passion to achieve your goals

What you'll get inside

Understand your subconscious

Learn what your subconscious program is, how it was developed, how it guides your life and how it can be changed

Identify limiting beliefs

Become aware of your subconscious beliefs that are currently making you doubt yourself, procrastinate and hold back on the action you could take

Boost your beliefs

Define new beliefs that empower you to confidently take big action to achieve your goals

Make your beliefs stick

Integrate your new beliefs long-term into your subconscious program so that you habitually take action to move toward your goals

Strategy to continuously upgrade your subconscious

Get a step-by-step strategy to identify and transform limiting into empowering beliefs again and again

Practical tools to effectively transform your subconscious

Have and apply practical tools to release limiting beliefs and to make your new empowering beliefs stick

Group 848.png

Normal price: 147€

Today's launch price: 47€

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