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Become a Video Production Intern in a self-development startup
- gain experience, grow personally & professionally🚀

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BecomingMe is a self-coaching app that empowers people to create their desired life by becoming their next level self and taking aligned effective action with the help of a self-guided coaching process, effective coaching videos, practical tools, and a community of like-minded people.

Until today, we conducted market research, created a prototype, and ran a beta test and people loved the idea. Now it’s time to take the app to the next level by creating in-app coaching video library to establish BecomingMe as the Netflix for self-development and then launch the app publicly - and for this we need you!

Are you ready?🔥


Your mission will be to help us produce several coaching video series that establish BecomingMe as the Netflix for self-development. These videos will provide users with effective, practical wisdom in 5 - 10 minutes that makes them want to take action to implement the wisdom and transform themselves and their life immediately.


  • You’ll participate in the complete video production process beginning with conducting user interviews to identify the target persona’s top interests, based on that defining series topics and episodes and writing engaging and effective scripts for the individual episodes

  • You will be on set to help create a good set-up, lighting, and sound and film some of the content

  • You’ll own a big part of the post-production process where you can show off and enhance your skills in editing, titles, motion design, sound design, and color correction to use the filmed content and create engaging and effective coaching videos

  • You’ll keep evolving your skills and experience by conducting continuous user tests to get feedback on what type of content, filming, and editing works well for our target persona and what needs to be improved to ensure the users gain new wisdom and transform themselves and their lives effectively and quickly


  • You are currently doing your degree or training in video production

  • You have at least 10 hours a week to apply your skills practically and gain experience in an internship

  • You are a great story teller

  • You are experienced in Final Cut Pro and Motion or are eager to learn quickly

  • You are passionate about self-development

  • You are proactive and want to contribute your creative ideas and solutions

  • You love to be hands-on and implement and test things yourself

  • You are driven to learn new skills quickly, gain professional experience, grow yourself, and make the most out of this internship opportunity


Hi you! I’m Katrin, the founder of BecomingMe. I’m a past business developer turned entrepreneur and transformational coach.


My life shifted massively when I realized to create a new reality, we need to become a new version of ourselves. That’s why today I’m building the self-coaching app BecomingMe: to make it simple, practical, and fun for people to become their next level self and create the life they desire.


Now I’m excited to take the BecomingMe the next level and launch it with a team of driven, passionate professionals and you!😉


We are a young, bootstrapped startup with loads of passion and drive to help people create more fulfilling lives. This is an unpaid internship, but here is the great value get out of this opportunity:

✨ gain a lot of practical experience and enhance your skills by owning a big part of the video production process

✨ use your work to build your own portfolio

✨ get recommendation letters for future hires and freelance opportunities

✨ gain experience working in a startup and driving projects forward

✨ learn how to transform yourself and your life by working in an environment in which you constantly gain effective wisdom and practical tips from the fields of self-transformation, coaching, and neuroscience

✨ experience coaching sessions that help you become the next level version of yourself and take aligned effective action to achieve your personal and professional goals

🕓 Dedication: You’ll be working, gaining experience, and up-leveling your skills at least 10 hours a week. Beyond that, we are happy to talk about which workload and schedule would fit great for you.

📍 Place: remote or Barcelona

📅 Start: Immediate

🚀 Are you up for the challenge?
To apply, please fill out the following form👇

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