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Empowering big dreamers to create their most fulfilling life by becoming a new version of themselves.✨


Your life is a reflection of who you are.

If you want to create a new life you need to become a new version of yourself.

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Right now you are driven to achieve a meaningful goal but self-doubt, procrastination, and overwhelm are holding you back?

Been there, experienced that! Here’s the truth:

95% of what you do is driven by your subconscious program. When your inner self is not in alignment with the life you desire, creating that life is tough.

I’m here to help you shift that! I'm empowering you to become the next level version of yourself - the one living your desired life.


I'll support you to transform your subconscious program and take aligned effective action so that creating your life becomes an exciting journey. And soon enough, that dream life will be your reality.


Are you ready to jump and make it happen?

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When I discovered “who I am internally creates my external experience” my life shifted massively. By changing my thoughts and emotions I created career successes and loads of joy in my daily life.

So I decided “let’s go for that BIG life”. And that’s when resistance hit. I doubted myself, procrastinated and held back.

Looking deeper, I realized changing thoughts and emotions isn’t everything. When we have beliefs holding us back and unprocessed trauma pulling us down, the journey to our envisioned life is a fight.

So I became aware of my subconscious program, processed past experiences, released limiting beliefs and emotions and stepped into a new, more empowered version of myself.

Now, I’m living an exciting daily live in Barcelona, with soul-filling relationships, building and soon launching the self-coaching app BecomingMe.

I realized the most valuable skill we can have is the ability to create the life we desire.

Thanks to this epiphany and because I love seeing people living their life to the fullest, today I am a certified life coach with a focus in neuroscience, trauma-informed coaching and energy healing. My passion is to support and empower big dreamers like you to step into the next level version of yourself and create the life you dream of living.

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Curious to discover what our work together can bring you?

Here are the benefits you’ll gain along your journey✨

Gain clarity.png

Get clear about what is important to you and what actually fulfills you.

Create a vision.png

Envision a life that is authentic to you and that will be fulfilling in the long run.

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Uncover and release the subconscious beliefs and patterns that are holding you back, and replace them with new empowering ones that are going to boost you towards your envisioned life.

Become a new version of yourself 2 lines.png

Step into the version of yourself who is living the life you want to live by fully  integrating your new, more empowering beliefs, emotions and habits that are in alignment with the life you want to create.

Take action.png

Break your vision down into aligned, effective steps and create a clear roadmap towards your dream life.

Be held accountable 2 lines.png

Be reminded of your potential to realize your vision and the commitment you made to do so. I'll check in on you and you'll be supported and empowered to fully go after your dream.

self-awareness 2 lines.png

Reflect yourself and your life and get to know yourself. This boosted self-awareness will help you to more effectively become your next level self and create your envisioned life.

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Fully be, express and love who you are. Throughout this journey, you'll get to know yourself deeply, learn to fully accept and love yourself and confidently step into the truest, highest version of yourself.



1 hour Coaching Session

  • Self-Exploration: Gain clarity about what truly fulfills you and what you want in life.

  • Goal Setting: Define meaningful goals that will fulfill you long-term.

  • Action Plan: Create a concise, practical plan with the most effective steps to achieve your goals

  • Alignment for Success: Start to align first beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions with your goal.



3 x 1 hour Coaching Session

Everything in Explore +

  • Identify Limitations: Gain more self-awareness and identify first subconscious beliefs and patterns that are currently holding you back.

  • Next Level Self: Identify the version of yourself who is living the life you want to live.

  • Strategize: Create strategies to overcome your limitations and become your next level self



10 x 1 hour Coaching Session

Everything in Empower +

  • Becoming: Step into, and more and more become your next level self 

  • Release & Renew: Identify and liberate limiting beliefs, emotions, and habits.

  • Embrace Transformation: Integrate and embrace new empowering beliefs, emotions, and habits for lasting transformation.

  • Moving towards your goal: Take your defined action steps and be empowered and held accountable to keep moving forward

  • Continuous Improvement: Check-ins on your actions, progress and self-transformation, reflect, receive feedback, discuss and enhance your transformation and goal achievement


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Amazing! Then book your free 60 min discovery call now!🔥

In this call we will...

🎯 get clear on your goal

🔍 understand what is holding you back

🚀 define how you can best get to your goal

👥 identify how I can best support you

✨ see if we are a great fit for each other 

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Conscious ChoiceCourse

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An online course that supports you to transform your subconscious program in 60 days.


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A self-coaching app that helps you to create a fulfilling life by becoming a new version of yourself and taking aligned, effective action

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Send me a message! I'd love to connect with you and am happy to answer any question you may have.❤️

Amazing to connect with you! I will get back to you as soon as possible. I wish you an amazing day!✨

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